Have you got it yet? Or do "We need to go deeper"?

In 2016, we received a revelation. We conducted several experiments privately, to test a few theories regarding the nature of this revelation. These included "aliens", "witchcraft", and "time travel". We determined that "time travel" was the most likely answer based on these experiments. For various reasons, we did not attempt to describe our theory publicly until January 2021.

We immediately discovered one consequence of the theory: certain information is SECRET. For instance, the details of the aforementioned experiments. As a result, this is a purely theoretical work.

A second consequence was not immediately apparent, but eventually became clear: certain phenomenon can be described equally well by naturalistic time-travel theories and by the existence of השם.

This is intuitively clear. If השם responds to prayers, and can foresee the future, this acts as a form of timetravel. On the other hand, the pseudo-forces perceived as a result of a purely-mechanical nature of timetravel can be perceived as the will of השם. And studying the purely-mechanical model of timetravel allows us to better understand the SECRET nature of השם.

How does Time Travel work?

<aside> ❓ The short answer is "we don't know yet".


There are only two substantially rigorous attempts I am aware of to describe a consistent form of time travel.

One is Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, a book I hope you are familiar with. Note HPMOR, an Abridgement if you are not.

The other is a 2011 video game called "Achron". Some of the features of time-travel in that game:

Why does this matter? Nobody has a time machine.

It does matter. We won't even pretend to be able to explain why at this time.