<aside> ⚕️ We apologize for any confusion. Look, it’s not our fault your friend sent you a fake link. But you might want to look around. Maybe check 时间研究书简 for the home page.


Redacter? Or Redactor? Spell check likes the second one. But this is the spelling for a made-up word that is a homonym of redactor. I think it is spelled redacter. For magick.

  1. The commentator. Purely explanatory information.

  2. A performance. The witching hour comes. klipot NO NO NO. CUT. The /color command can be applied in-stream, but operates on the paragraph. A demonstration.

  3. The cow jumped over the moon. klipot The sun isn't yellow, it's chicken.

  4. We would be interested in having a visible invisible character where the color-change occurred.

6.1 Feature request handled by user. We translate visible invisible character as klipot and apply it manually in post-processing. We believe the vernacular for klipot is fnord.


  2. Definition. "witching hour". The period of time after sunset on Saturday, but before midnight. Not part of either the Jewish or Christian sabbath. Employee willingness to work is governed by guild contract.

  3. I SUPPOSE THAT THIS this referring to the inline color commands operating on a per-paragraph level WILL WORK FOR DIALOGUES.

  4. OK GOOGLE PLAY BB BB CC RADIO FOUR. the translation is "News from London?"


  1. QUANTUM CHROMODYNAMICS. due to the display of inline slash commands, the klipot word of each sentence is added by hand in post-processing. we make an aside about there being visible characters, invisible characters, visible invisible characters, and invisible invisible characters.

  2. The dreamer is in klipot.

  3. The redacter is in klipot.

  4. Our klipot friend is confident in his knowledge of the strong and weak interactions. He provides technical and translation notes. CUT ✂️ we need a "well, actually" voice. actually, virtually any reference to the strong or weak forces are jokes. these were unknown to humanity in the nineteenth century. the weak force is why you need a radon detector in your home, which is mildly important. the strong force powers the sun and nuclear bombs, which is very important https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3nGE8Z3-lo. they also permeate all space and time.

  5. We will have Mr. Violet, er, Mr. klipot operate the local RADIO 📻.

  6. WE ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE BAR OF ANY STATE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bNdRWDDIqo


  8. The nature of broadcast law is currently an active matter of research. We do not sponsor public research into that area.

  9. breaker breaker this is mister violet breaker. we are operating this radio at standard parameters from polk county iowa. we are not affiliated with newsradio ten forty WW HH OO in any way.

  10. when transcribing spoken language, we use doubled capital letters to represent a single vocalization of the letter. "WW" for "double u", "HH" for "aitch", "OO" for "oh". 我们有时候写汉字。we do not take line-speed transcription in other non-Latin scripts but can transcribe ελληνικα to some degree.

  11. we can transcribe emoji, but don't remember to do so unless the colon is pronounced. 👌

  12. The sky has darkened, though we have not yet observed three stars. Approaching night.