<aside> ℹ️ Epistemic status: Open research as-to whether it exists or is logically consistent.


Privacy is a difficult thing to measure.

For a variety of reasons, you cannot use The TimeExplorer 3000 to watch the Virgin Mary have sex.

We are familiar with the concept of "differential privacy" but find it uninteresting in this context. Differential privacy, in our understanding, has uses regarding semi-trusted parties accessing semi-private data sets. We assume un-trusted parties and fully-private data sets.


Some people might attempt to suppress a video of themselves at Burning Man, but be unconcerned about a 6th grade choir recording. Other people may feel the opposite way.

I have looked and looked and not find any evidence for privacy compensation. The closest is "the right to be paid at scale for entertainment performances" which is quite different.

Perhaps in the future, without the judgment of the unenlightened, privacy will become obsolete.

This raises hard questions about identity, about digital security, and many other topics.