There is a Code Red regarding the admin shortage! No there isn’t.

There is a Code Yellow regarding the admin shortage! No there isn’t.

There certainly is a problem! What type of emergency is it? That information is withheld pending further research. Call it a Code Pending and move on.

Why am I here? For some topics, there are historical reference works of lore, such as the Orange Catholic Bible, the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and the works of the Encyclopedia Foundation . For everything else, we tend to rely on Wikipedia.

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In early 2022, I’m (hopefully) going to write a script to generate a list of titles to add to watch on Recent Changes Patrol. It will be at .

  1. 3000 pages of one and two character titles
  2. 1000 pages of dates (eg. April 30) and years (1400-2029)
  3. 1000 pages from the Vital Article list VA3
  4. 5250 pages from VA4 on maths, science, technology, “everyday life”, and geography (3850 of people, art, religion, history omitted. 900 of social sciences pending review.) (overlap with VA3)
  5. 7000 pages from PageRank
  6. other pages that are “high importance high risk” targets.
    1. [Chennai Super Kings], [List of dog breeds], and [Myrtle Beach, South Carolina] are three titles that probably are not in the previous lists but should be included
    2. [List of programs previously broadcast by GMA Network], [Randolph County, Georgia], and [Carrot juice] will not be in the initial list, but may be in future ones.