Definition 1

The Top Secret is the set of consequences of the assumption that a device exists which can tell you the [{translation needed}] of any point in space and time.

Our scientists have stated that our knowledge of the strong and weak forces is insufficient to translate the term [{translation needed}]. Approximations include "ethos" and "quiddity". It can be assumed that among the powers given by the device include the power of "astral vision", to see and hear as if one were in a location.

Definition 2

One of those secrets relates to the nature of a divine being, which we refer to as השם. This would traditionally be represented in English as "the Lᴏʀᴅ", but I feel that, depending on context, either "The Guild" or "The Holy Spirit" is a better translation. This secret nature has severely impeded research in this area.

Triple Secret

Triple Secret refers to secret material that also relates to Independence Compensation. So as to prevent un-trained persons from knowingly accidentally attempting to [require payment of Independence Compensation], some materials are only published with specific well-known annotations and alterations, as a Rubric.

Some specific timemachines

The TimeExplorer 3000

The TimeExplorer 3120

The Mars Ansible