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the Infamous Queen Elizabeth clause

the Invocation

  1. That was when I saw the Pendulum ...
  2. 你们好。对不起,我们不能用英语说这个事。
  3. Mumonkan
  4. a perfect square.
  5. a password. Gx$hvu2[}
  6. a perfect number.
  7. a day of rest.
  8. a perfect cube.
  9. a
  10. a perfect ten.

Early Version is an Early Version of my political platform. It is conveniently available at EarlyVersion.com .


Formal Language

Encyclopedia Foundation

Research Letters

Theory of Negative Gravity

(code pending), reflections on time-travel and related topics

The Matter of America

Mad Scientist Letters

There is a bit of a trope that "mad scientists" in movies are actually mad engineers. I am engaging in mad science. I propose scientific studies. In general I have no ability to execute the study on my own.

Staying Uptodate

CO2 and Obesity

Treatment for COVID-19

The _____ Study of Intelligence

Mason Machines

See Types of Computers for a definition of "Mason Machine".