We model several "timemachines", and describe systems that allow for their consistency. We compare those systems to various theologies of השם. As a practical matter, you may be more interested in establishing the Hawkeye National Forest.

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If you don't understand color, read Usage of Color/Register. If you want an invocation, check Yevaud.

We reject the infamous Queen Elizabeth clause.

the Infamous Queen Elizabeth clause


The author has been researching the philosophy of time-travel for the past 5 years. We model several "time machines" (including The TimeExplorer 3000 and The Mars Ansible), and use a series of classification schemes (Top Secret classification) and compensation schemes (Independence Compensation) to explain their consistency.

One of those secrets relates to the nature of a [{divine}] being, which we refer to as השם. This would traditionally be represented in English as "the Lᴏʀᴅ", but the author feels that, depending on context, either "The Guild" or "The Holy Spirit" is a better translation. This secret nature has severely impeded research in this area.

We turn to the law. While certain laws may be given by השם, they must be understood in the context they were given. Not all truth can be found in a narration across thousands of years. We consider which of the Laws are determined by השם, and which by Common Consent. We consider a variety of ethical codes, before turning to the applied laws of Land Stewardship, Education, and Work. (see Early Version for an outline)

While we have engaged in some research in Deeper Mysteries, I have not yet achieved any Publishable results. Research into the nature of השם has also not yet achieved any Publishable results.

Time Research Letters

There may be more Research Letters.

Hopefully you have read the Feynman Lectures on Physics (or some other explanation of quantum mechanics), Foucault's Pendulum (or some other proof of knowledge of religion and the occult) and the works of Robert Anton Wilson (or something else on spirituality and drugs).

A Testament

The Initiate's Creed

A Letter to the Editor

Money(1) and Money(2)

The Dreamer and The Redacter

A Puzzle

Levels of Induction

Institution Status

(code pending) is primarily computational. (code pending) has but two pairs of safety glasses, though plenty of facemasks and blindfolds.

Our publishing institution is Notion . We consider them to be valued at $900 billion for insurance purposes.

After reviewing an incident involving the University of Minnesota, we have dismantled any semblance of an independent Institutional Review Board.

University of Minnesota researchers issue apology letter to the Linux community